IoT Based Smart Home System


  • Salma Ahmed Mahad AL Maashani University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Salalah, Oman
  • Sarah Khalid Abdullah AL Najjar University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Salalah, Oman



IOT, Raspberry Pi, Speaker for Raspberry, Temperature sensor LED


Covid-19 is a global pandemic that threatens the life of humanity from last year. As it spreads very quickly among people in a short time through air, most of the people were forced to stay at home and do the work online. When more people are staying at home the amount of electricity consumed was very high compared to the previous years. We identified most of the people at home don’t switch off the lights and fan/AC when they are not using the room, this is the main reason for the rapid increase of electricity or in other wards wastage of electricity. We developed an IoT based system which can give a solution for this problem. This system will automatically control the lights, fan, heater and window of a house. This system will identify the presence of a person inside the room using the motion sensor and switch on the lights. If the temperature is above 37 then the fan will be switched on and when the temperature is lower than 18 the heater will be switched on and fan will be switched off. This system will also check the amount of sunlight outside the room and if there is enough sunlight outside, the system will automatically switch off the inside light and open the curtain so that the room will get lighted using sunlight and intern save the energy. If there is no motion in the room all the device will be turned off for reducing the electricity consumption. A voice message will be activated on every change in device status to inform the user about the update in device condition so that the user can also control the device using cayenne mobile application . For example, if enough sunlight is outside the IoT system will automatically open the curtain and it may affect the privacy of the user, so after hearing the voice message that the curtain is going to open the user can stop the movement of the curtain using the mobile phone. The full system will be working with the solar power. This system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world using the internet and can analyze the statics of the usage. This system when implemented in home can reduce the wastage of electricity.