IoT based tracking and monitoring system for trucks


  • Adham Suleiman Sleem University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra, Sultanate of Oman
  • Amna Nasser Bani Saad University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra



GPS, trucking, NodeMCU, Piezo Speaker, reed switch, Trucks


We've heard about truck thefts and delivery delays and I think most of you have seen trucks moving large items on the road while traveling. Trucks also carry packed goods such as carton boxes packed with food, clothing, building materials and home decorations or loose items such as fuel oil and containers, which are transported to a gas station.. Sometimes we notice delays in shipment delivery or problems in transporting goods using trucks.

 The delivery date of the goods may be delayed due to a malfunction of the truck, truck tires or engine. Imagine with me that there is a device that does the same work, and the device will send a message to the company in case the driver needs help. Moreover, help reduce the possibility of this disaster happening again in the future and protect the truck and the driver in case the truck or some goods are stolen.


We have noticed that there are many companies that suffer from this problem and delay in the delivery of goods, and therefore this device helps reduce the percentage of truck loss as a result of this costing the company material losses and this affects the company’s reputation

The device will sound an alert and send a message to the company to report the theft