Effect of Verbal bullying among students on mental health with special reference to UTASA


  • Layali Rashid AlSalhi University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Al-Musannah, Oman
  • Nada Yousuf Khalfan Alqutaiti University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Al-Musannah, Oman




Bullying is described as the deliberate mistreatment and harming of a person or group of individuals by bad people who have power or exercise power over others who feel powerless to challenge them, and it can take the form of verbal, physical, psychological, or emotional abuse.  In general, there are two types: First, direct bullying, direct bullying is defined as bullying that occurs face to face and includes physical actions such as hitting and kicking, in addition to verbal actions such as taunting and insults.  The second type is indirect bullying. This type of bullying occurs in a way that others are not aware of, yet it can be hurt by spreading rumours, lies and other forms of harassment. In this research, we will use the sampling technique (qualitative research), which is a realistic research procedure in which we aim to collect information to study the phenomenon of university of UTAS verbal bullying. As follows; we will take a sample from all levels in the departments: Information Technology Department, Business Studies Department, Engineering Department and English Language Canter. 10% for each section. We will prepare a set of questions well to try to reach the information that is useful to us in this study and to achieve the purpose of the research.  We will also raise some questions about UTAS verbal bullying to know the impact of this phenomenon and its negative aspects.  Trying to find solutions to this phenomenon and ways to raise awareness of this phenomenon.  We will collect the paper questionnaire from the students and the answers to the questions we asked and keep them on file.  So, help us do our research with some evidence.  We look forward to receiving enough information to support us in this research.