IoT Based Smart Irrigation System


  • Said Mahad AL-MAASHANI University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah, Oman
  • Ali Mohammed AL-shehri University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah, Oman
  • Waad Ali Al-kathiri University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah, Oman
  • Sunil Thomas Karickom University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Salalah, Oman



IOT, Raspberry Pi, Speaker for Raspberry, Moisture sensor, Temperature sensor, LED


Farming and agriculture are considered as the pillar for the economic growth of every country. To ensure the food safety and reduce the import of vegetables and fruits to the country, the government usually takes necessary action to increase the production according to the population by adapting latest technologies in the field of agriculture. Oman majorly meets its domestic fruits, vegetables, and cereals demand through imports. Therefore, to reduce import dependency, the country is aiming for self-sufficiency in agricultural products by encouraging its farmers to adopt advanced farming techniques. As per the vision 2040 of Oman, agriculture sector have to get improved with the latest automatic systems to increase the production with less pesticides. The scarcity of clean water resources around the globe has generated a need for their optimum utilization of the available resources for the production of the agriculture. For agriculture, water consumption is very important, proper irrigation of crops usually increases the quality and quantity of crops. This is done by collecting the soil moisture, ambient temperature and humidity from the agriculture farm. Advanced tools and technology can also be used to increase farm yield. Use of latest IoT technologies can help to collect data from the farm and control the devices for the irrigation. IoT based system can be implemented for providing accurate amount of water and fertilizer to the plants and trees. By creating a sensor network, proper water regulation in the agriculture field can be achieved as agriculture is considered as the basis of life .
In our project we are developing an IoT based smart irrigation system to control the water flow for the plants and trees in the farm This system will work with the solar energy so can be installed in remote places where the electric lines are not available. This system can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using internet.