Identifying the possibilities to enhance cyber protection to overcome Phishing Emails on SHCT Mail Server.


  • Moza Mohammed AL-Mamari
  • Amna Salim Abdullah Al saidi, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Shinas, Oman



Due to increased use of Technology in Office there are more possibilities of security threats. Due of those is Phishing Emails in Oman many causes are already filed by people. UTAS-Shinas experiences this issue more became of its increase users (Staff and Students).  Phishing problem type of message content for phishing emails and basic techniques for phishing email attacks are submitted.

This study aims to describe and analyze phishing emails. This study also includes a review of phishing messages through the mail server, analyses number of student’s phishing Emails received in last year and analyses where these Phishing Emails came there. We will collect data from SHCT email accounts. The study will be used for analysis. E-mail. Email traffic consists of some fraudulent emails that try to deceive the recipient by providing personal data or clicking on a web link and then installing malware on the files of the computer or mobile phone. Proposed security increase in SHCT and decrease Phishing Email in futures.

Analytical contribution of the manuscripts to understanding phishing emails and expanding knowledge base Education and training in phishing email defense.