Green Networking: a stimulation of energy efficient methods


  • Naveen.R Bishop Heber (Autonomous) College, Trichy, India
  • Dr. Gayathri Bishop Heber (Autonomous) College, Trichy, India



Background and related work, Wired networks, Chemical Damages, Data centres, Video Streaming


The current Internet usage, which was designed over 40 years ago, is facing unparalleled challenges in many aspects in the future. Our future Internet, though there will be more than half million users, the world is about 10% of the way there, and there is a lot of growth to come. As a result worldwide internet traffic and mobile traffic will rise steadily and explosively over the next five years. These issues are usually referred to as ‘green networking’. Despite some proposals for energy-efficient topologies most of the studies are focused on warning the world about this problem. Mainly as the unnecessary energy consumption is being concentrated day by day, the proposed paper make available strategies to save network for future covering through many components such as; wireless networks, wired networks, hybrid networks and the current chemical development happening in the world. Moreover, the proposed project hopes to identify a few strategies that are the key enablers of energy-efficient networking research. Since the proposed project mainly highlights greening the networks, when these strategies come to play nearly 30-35% of energy will be saved through networking for future usage.