Childhood Obesity and Family Influence on Children is Nutrition Intake Physical Activity Patterns.


  • Asma AL-Risi University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Shinas, Oman
  • Shamsa AL.Badi University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Shinas, Oman
  • Dr. C. Prasanna Ranjith University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Shinas, Oman



Childhood obesity, Genetic Diseases, Diabetes and Strategies


In view of the development of the social life of individuals and the continuous preoccupation of the parents with life matters and the constant pressure on them, this has led to a decrease in the parents’ interest in their children in terms of food. Children no longer spend their days playing and physical activity, and instead prefer to use smartphones The children spend most their time in playing online gams pubg, free fire ...act, watching YouTube video and chatting with their friend in different social media which is leading to childhood obesity more than ever. The Obesity is more prevalent at the present time than ever before. When comparing the percentage of obesity in the past years, we will notice this continuous increase. We began to determine the percentage of obesity among children in Oman during the past ten years from 2012-2022 and we reached a significant increase in the percentage of obesity among children. Accordingly, we conducted studies on children who suffer from obesity by choosing their favorite meals from among different types of Meals and we have noticed that they always tend to fast food that is harmful to them and do not prefer healthy or traditional food that is prepared at home.  In addition, we made a field trip to one of the parks in Sohar, and we noticed that parents do not spend time playing with their children or motivating them to play and exercise, but rather spend it talking to each other or with their friends. Several strategies can be used to reduce the proportion of obese people in society, including: Parents allocate time during The day they spend with their children when they eat. Reducing unhealthy and harmful eating for restaurants. Also, follow a healthy diet for children, and make sure you apply it to avoid obesity. Also, parents should allocate an hour a day to play with children and practice different physical activities. We also designed a web page to reduce obesity in children, as it contains multiple pages, one of which is for parents who need awareness towards their children who suffer from obesity, and the other page is for children who decided to change their lifestyle to be healthier and free from obesity.