Benefits of replacing plastic bags with environmentally friendly bags


  • Anwaar Al Mamari University of Technology & Applied Sciences,Shinas, Oman
  • Jawaher alshidi University of Technology & Applied Sciences,Shinas, Oman



Plastic is one of the discoveries that facilitated human life, as the use of plastic bags in particular has spread greatly due to its ease of use and light weight, but this invention carried great health damages. The past two decades, as plastic and plastics now play an important role in modern life. The collection and disposal of plastic waste has become a major environmental burden and challenges, especially in Oman in particular and the world in general due to its non-degradable nature. Waste from plastic bags represents a great burden on the environment, but it is not biodegradable, so the best way to dispose of it is by burning it. This results in the escalation of chemical compounds that form in the form of a black cloud that leads to air pollution and negatively affects the health of the respiratory system for humans and animals at the same time.  

The purpose of this study to search how to reduce the rate of plastic waste in the environment, how to take advantage of weed residues to produce environmentally friendly bags. When we read the recent reports of the huge amount of plastic waste floating in our oceans, rivers and lakes, we know that it is time to start finding solutions to this problem. 

 This research will contribute to creating environmentally friendly products with an economic return from the remnants of waste materials that help reduce the percentage of plastic, and also in line with the Oman 2040 vision.