The CCTVs assisted in keeping the houses safe


  • Murshid Qasem mohameed Almawali
  • Dr. Gnana Rajesh, UTAS, Musannah



In this paper, we present one of the techniques used to solve one of the most important problems that many people complain about. It describes how these cameras can work and the main goal of spreading them between homes and in working places. The phenomenon of stealing homes and private property in order to take advantage of the stolen items. It is widely spread in some regions and cities. This has led to the destabilization of security in many areas, despite the presence of modern technologies that may help reduce and limit these thefts. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge of such technologies is one of the problems faced by society in this period, and the lack of confidence or great confidence in these technologies. People's knowledge and confidence in such technologies is one of the most important reasons for increasing security in cities. Not only that, even the development of
technologies and the capabilities of the device in detecting, tracking and knowing the identity of the person greatly helps property owners, homeowners and even specialized authorities such as the police to reveal the details of the crime in an fast and easy way.
we need to ask our self if we are all have the knowledge what the CCTV system and how it works and for what reasons they are provide such devices, also, knowing the aim act of camera on how far it can protect and improve our live security is important and that will answer our question that say’s why we need the CCTV camera in our home.