Smart Gas Leakage Indicator


  • Safiya AL-Battashi University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra, Oman
  • Hajar AL-Alawi University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra, Oman



LPG Gas Leakage, Arduino, Gas Sensor, Alert System


Many accidents occur in day to day life, like an explosion because of LPG leakage. Significant harm is caused if gas leakage is not detected early. But now, we can see the gas leakage using the gas sensor. In this IOT gas leakage detector, the device will get connected to WIFI, the minimum and maximum parameters can be set accordingly. Such IOT and Arduino-based gas leakage detector systems can be installed in homes, hotels, and LPG gas storage areas. Abstract: The explosion due to gas leakage has become a severe problem in our country's daily activities. Now the world is evolving with technology, so it is necessary to use technology if possible in every case. LPG gas to resolve the accident occurred we can prevent it through technology. The system is based on a microcontroller, which uses gas sensors and GSM, display and buzzer. It is designed for LPG Gas Leakage Monitoring and Alert System using Arduino Mega with the sensor. This circuit contains a gas sensor, microcontroller, buzzer, display and SM. The sensor will detect gas leakage and transmit the information to the microcontroller. Based on that information, the microcontroller makes a decision and then displays a warning message on display, and the message will be sent to the user via GSM. The uses of the Arduino microcontroller with Arduino provide a suitable platform for implementing an embedded control system, and it is possible to modify it to meet our future requirements easily and quickly.